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"I’m not as confident as people think I am. I just don’t apologize for who I am. This is all I can be. Growing up, I had three sisters. My mom was really direct and really strong—she’s a New Yorker! She would say, “You guys are great. Be that.” So I grew up being comfortable in my own skin, with the understanding that the world didn’t give me my joy, and so it couldn’t take it away. Then again, that comes from knowing my source, but this is who I am: great. I don’t feel like I’m better than anybody else, or like I have to compete with anybody else. So I do feel confident, in the sense that I have one person to report to, and that’s my lord and savior. Everybody else, if you don’t like it, I don’t do it for you anyway! [laughs] If you don’t like me, awesome, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna make or break me, I don’t care."

- Kelis (via trillwavefeminism)


digital image, 2013